Tours Komodo Flores

Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo
Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo
Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo

We arrange Komodo tours to visit the islands of Komodo National Park Indonesia. Here, we bring you to see Komodo dragons, wild life, corals, fishes and so much more.

Flores Komodo tours

Remember that, we are not only arrange Komodo tours but also tours on Flores island. Together with Komodo National Park, we put Flores island in the first place of our travel services. For this reason we always organize combine between Flores island and Komodo National Park.

At the present time we arrange Komodo tours with many kind of tour packages. So that you can choose which one if prefer for your holidays.

Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo

Important to realize that all Komodo tours start from Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island. This is the only place you can do for Komodo tours. For this reason why we grab all tours to Komodo, because we are locals from Labuan Bajo.

There is many flight connect to Labuan Bajo at the present time. Some major cities connect more than a flight every day. However you can purchase the flight ticket from your home.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park

Must be remembered that Komodo tours can do only with boat trips. For this reason why boat become firstly tour component for all kind of Komodo tours.

So in this case we suggest travelers on your booking time, should make early. We don’t put it differently with other tour components, but we want you to remember.

Boat trip to Komodo
Boat trip to Komodo

Boat trip classification

Every visitors whenever to take our services, must choose classes of the boat. Because we have some classes of the boat to offers. Firstly is cabin boat fan and air conditioned with share bathroom and toilet.

The secondly is cabin boat air conditioned with private bathroom and toilet. And the third is deck boat for daily trips. Let we clarify all the classes of the boat below.

Cabin boat fan and air conditioned with sharing bathroom bring maximum six passengers. While, boat air conditioned with private bathroom can bring twelve peoples. This kind of boat is deluxe package.

Each cabin or room should be occupied by two peoples. Above capacity quoted from two peoples for a room. Single supplement room will be given extra charge.

Above all, do not forget deck boat. Deck boat is used if you stay at a hotel in Labuan Bajo town. Depart every morning from Labuan Bajo and returning in the afternoon. Not need to use cabin for daily trip.

Tour packages

There a lot of kind of tour packages we are offering here. The firstly is package tours Komodo. Then secondly is Flores Komodo tour packages.

Package tours Komodo is all kind of tour to the islands of Komodo national park. Meanwhile, Flores Komodo tour packages is combine trips between Flores island and Komodo National Park.

Travelers can choose one of the tour packages. Choose package tours Komodo means you do trips to the islands of Komodo national park.

Whereas if you choose Flores Komodo tour package, then you will visit the island of Flores and Komodo national park.

To find programs, travel routes and tour components are included or not in our services, please see our tour packages here. But prices will be getting since we get your requests.

Our tour packages here, arranged according to local conditions. Importantly is route and distances from one to other places. As a local travel company, we know much more our region.

As long as you do not find the program, so ask to our team to match with your plan. Remember that, as far as we can not make combine, shorten or lengthen of the program, so we tell soonest.

Trips Komodo national park

Due to a local travel company, we grab all kind of Komodo tours. Help tourists as long as want to visit our region.

Komodo National Park is located in the west of Flores Island or east part of Bali island. Covering more than thirty islands. It is one world tourist destination.

It because of Komodo dragons are living here. The only place on earth where you can see Komodo dragons at natural habitat. They are living on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang.

Beyond Komodo dragon, here you will find wild life, wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Great landscape can find every where. Not only on the land but also on the sea.

Komodo tours
Komodo tours

Every island give beautiful scenery to the visitors. Wonderful of corals and colorful fishes easy to find every islands. Here is one of world class diving spot.

Major island is Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Gili Motang and Papagarang. Some of the islands occupied by locals. Certainly they are fishermen.

Most importantly activity during on the island is trekking or hiking. Trekking or hiking is the activity to see Komodo dragons and other wild animals. Snorkeling or diving is activity to see corals and colorful fishes.

Maybe you are interesting with our services, so please find our offers here. As far as we have a lot of best recommend from our clients. Of course, because our service qualifications.

Tours Flores Island

Great activity on Flores island trip is Flores overland tour. Flores is one of most majesty island to see. A lot of tourist attractions can find on Flores Island.

Kelimutu three colored lake is one most wonderful place to visit. Since 1992, Kelimutu become a national park in Indonesia. Spring hot easily to find near Moni village.

Indonesia tours to Flores
Indonesia tours to Flores

Traditional villages or houses, hand weaving, corals, and so much more can see as far as you are in Flores Island. Two places can do dive as long as you want. Namely; Maumere bay and 17 islands at Riung district.

Flores also well-known by yearly event Easter process of Semana Santa. Larantuka is the capital of east Flores regency always run this procession.

Availability of trips

During high season, we really need you early confirmation. Confirmation most importantly to keep and secure the boat. Some time we cancel the trip as long as you make very late confirmation.

High season is coming on July and August every year. Late confirmation is consequently to cancel the trips. Therefore we tell you here.

We also arrange trips to some islands in Indonesia. The program can not find here, but you find on other website. This website only focuses arrange Flores Komodo trip.

Our travel services

Tours Komodo is one of our online travel market. So far, we have own land and sea transportation. Also, we have permanent office located in center of Labuan Bajo town.

Our company has license since 2012 with name PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. Special for tourism business in Indonesia.

Any contract and agreement will come through:


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Email address can see on side page

Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo

Your early confirmation is importantly to get comfortable trip. Not only the boat is limit but also other tour components.