Beyond Flores Komodo

Beyond Flores Komodo is Indonesia travel packages to visit Bali, Java, Borneo and other islands. Here is other tour packages that we offers beyond Flores Komodo tours. Although beyond Flores Komodo is not our focus but we do as long as you want. We arrange beyond Flores Komodo tours either directly by our travel service or partners.

Introduction beyond Flores Komodo

First of all we arrange package tours Komodo Flores as our home. But we also arrange tour to Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok as well as Sulawesi island. As far as we put it in the form of Indonesia tour packages. The tour package will send to you since we get your requests. Then we should make itinerary to a destination you are going to visit. As long as you want to make together for several islands, then we will do.

Flight on beyond Flores Komodo

The route of the tours should fit according to the domestic flight. So, the tour will meet the schedules. As long as we meet routes of domestic flight with your plan, then we send the tour package to you. But if we don’t find right schedule, so we also tell you. Because combine tour should fit with flight route, schedule and destination to go.

Where is to go on beyond Flores Komodo

Here is the outline route of Indonesia tours. Java, Borneo, Bali, Flores, Komodo, Lombok and ending in Bali Island. If you have entry point in Jakarta, so Java Island if first to starts. But if you have entry point in Bali, so you starts from Bali Island. It’s depend which islands of places you have an entry.

This is only highlight Indonesia tour

According to our experience as the organizer that 18 days will make cover the highlights. But more than 18 days also is great time to cover. Longer holidays will make you more chance to see tourist attraction. First to check at length of your holidays. Plan your time and what to see. Please focus which place you want to do.

Price on beyond Flores Komodo

We quote price according to situation of each tourist destinations. Of course transportation, accommodation, duration and meals is different each place. The difference will make also to the different costs. But we put it together on travel packages. So total tour cost is quoted from each destinations. We quote flight fare in tour packages as long as travelers agree to include with domestic flight tickets on our offers.

Boat trip on beyond Flores Komodo

We prepare boat trip as long as the tour cross the sea or rivers. Some area, we arrange daily trip or live board as long as travelers can choose which one is prefer. Maybe you prefer to stay on boat so we have cabin boat. Cabin boats are available on some tourist destination. Or you want to do daily, so deck boat will be used. However do a trekking or hiking would be part of activity of some destination.

Here is our extra offers

Although beyond Flores Komodo tours are not our main offers but we dedicate to arrange it. Since we have experience organized it, so do it for travelers. For that reason why we are here. Honestly we arrange either directly or with partners. We always do regular but not share.

Indonesia holidays tour

As long as you have enough time, so you will cover it. Top of point is Indonesia highlight tourism. Borobudur or Prambanan temple, Orang Utan at Borneo, Bali and Lombok Island become on your holidays. While Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park and Flores Island become also together with those. You cross so many island with a lot of different tourist attractions.

A life time but see more

You do with longer but only a time. If you want to make any time, so you just choose one or two place for once departure. Then cover other places on next holidays. You make plan then we arrange as long as you agree. To summarize all programs, so make in Indonesia travel packages.

How to book Indonesia tour packages?

We suggest travelers to book at least 2 month before arrival as long as you are interesting with our offers. Because we need time to make reservation to each destination. Maybe we arrange domestic flight as long as you want to include in our service.


We recommend to get comfortable trip should to make confirmation at least 2 month before arrival as far as low season. While on high season, we recommend at least 3 months before arrival. It’s important to do by travelers either individual or group. Sometime maybe we cancel the trip as long as you make very late confirmation.

We have only to say thanks

Finally we would thanks for all clients as long as join beyond Flores Komodo tours in the past time. As long as you get satisfaction with our service, so please leave a comments. We give appreciations to the travelers as long as use our service beyond Flores Komodo.

Beyond Flores Komodo

Here we don’t arrange all tourist destination every island. Because we focus to organize highlight tourism. So it’s not cover all over the are each island so far.

Maybe you want cross Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Komodo and Flores Island, so we can arrange so far. Because we have regular travel packages since set up 2010.

Beyond Flores Komodo Tours

Here is the way to make large trip in Indonesia. But depend on your plans to do. You can do large as long as you have much time. So you need time to cover at all. Also you need to calculate the budget too.

Because of longer trip is making higher budget. Indonesia is largest archipelago then make longer circumstance. We of course suggest take a part so other will do next time.