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Contact tours Komodo is best way how to get travel information about Komodo tours and Flores Island tours. Of course travelers find information about tours to Komodo national park and Flores island. Furthermore please send email as long as you are interesting with our offers.

How to contact tours Komodo?

Here we publish Flores Komodo tour packages. So you find then choose which one is prefer to take on your holidays. Next is sending an email. Normally your requests will answer so fast as long as we are in working time. But when your request arrives on off time, so we will reply on next day.

Our office open from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is holidays, so as long as your inquiry arrives on this day, so you get respond on next day.

Process contact tours Komodo

Please send us an email to find our travel service. Also all our corespondent become reference to go next process. Upon your confirmation is coming, so we will send you an invoice. Invoice will contain all tour contracts. Company’s bank account, tour contracts, programs, price, service or payment method will see on invoice.


In addition that as the legal Travel company, we use company’s bank account so far. Maybe make your transfer quite difficult because you should make wire transfer. It’s because company’s bank account can’t make in Credit card or any other payment method. Only wire transfer can do or how your system at your country.

Finally, any question please send an email. Maybe you can’t use online contact tours Komodo here because some technical problem. But our email below can use to send your requests.

Contact tours Komodo

Here is our address to send email. We are Flores travel agency Indonesia. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town. For this reason why we arrange Labuan Bajo tour Komodo any time.

Office open: 08.00 AM – 18.00 PM from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is close


Jln. Daeng Daniel, Waebo Labuan Bajo, Flores island Indonesia 86554

Hotline: +62 812 3829 8333 Extra: +62 812 3958 9106

Tel: +62(0) 385 2440044

Fax: +62(0) 385 2440044