Eco Tour Flores Komodo

Eco tour Flores Komodo island is special interest tours to visit the island of Flores and Komodo national park. We arrange Eco tours because of we are local from there. It’s our specification offers in travel service so far. Because we would to bring the travelers as long as they have special interest to see on the both of destination.

Where is to go on Eco tour Flores Komodo

We have two part to do on Eco tour Flores Komodo. First is combine between Flores island and Komodo National Park. For this reason why here we put two destination in a tour packages. Second is Eco tour on the islands of Komodo national park.

Here we put differently between combine Flores Komodo or only Komodo trip. And so you choose. If you have only to visit Komodo National Park then look at Eco tour Komodo. While if you do Flores Komodo then take Eco tour Flores Komodo.

Different from our program on Eco tour

If you are the person of this, so here is the way. Because it’s combining tour. Do different with once departure. It’s the way and the time to see different and do combining tour. Maybe you should walk, trekking or hiking. But not so hard when you desire to see.

Eco tours will bring visitors to see different place to see nature, culture, local community, Komodo dragons and wild life. Wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes also become a part of this tour. Maybe you don’t find some Eco tour packages here, because some program will show depend on requests.

How long you need to do Eco tour Flores Komodo?

Three days or more you do. But this portion for Komodo National Park. While eight to eleven days for Flores Island and Komodo National Park. Once you do at Komodo National park, so you should stay on the boat. It’s can’t do with daily trip so far.

We need early confirmation when you book because some area should book directly to local community without phone call. On high season, we really need early confirmation especially for Komodo national park since all ranger will work extra for visitors. On this Eco tour packages need special Eco ranger to handle the tourist since all activity without trail to do trek.

Stay with local community on Eco tour

Some part of our offers not stay with local community but stay on tents. Even still local community near the are to prepare things as a part of our contribution to local peoples. This is why we do not accept when you make confirmation very late since we can not arrange so easy.

Successfully in Eco tour Flores Komodo

As our specification here, we have succeed for a lot tour in the past year with our clients. We get great recommendation from clients from year to year. The recommendation of Flores Komodo Eco tour packages from our participants that who join with our travel service. But important to know that Eco trip is different from regular package tours Komodo. Or different from regular Flores Komodo tours.

Can do for all age

We do not give limitation of age to do this tour but you should tell us before to agree for any risk on the way. On a part of Eco tours you will do with trekking, hiking or walking. Weather is quite different from other part of Indonesia especially on the islands of Komodo national park. This is one of driest area in Indonesia with hot weather. As long as you agree with this condition, we welcome you to join Eco tour packages to our region.

Bring you what we have here

To be sure that you can adapt with local condition. You should adapt either for weather, food and local accommodation. Those situation will meet you on the way. Not so hard but you should think. And also you come from different condition, so need to know before. See also Komodo Flores hobbits on this side.

Furthermore about Eco tour

In addition that not all in the tour packages doing with Eco tour program but at least 2 times for one package. So, this is combination from regular tour packages.

Finally, we would welcome for all visitors who want to join our Eco tours Flores Komodo Island. We would thanks for all participants as long as join our travel service in the past year. Hope will make your holidays fully experience with us in our region.

Eco tours Flores Komodo Island

So far Eco tour packages is one of favorite tours in Flores Island and Komodo National Park. Subsequently it’s one of our special offers for travelers so far.

Maybe you have plan to make this kind of tours. So we will help to organize the tour packages. Sometimes you will stay with tents or local community. But depends on program we make following to your requests.

Here is the way for travelers to make combine between regular package and special interest. Because not all programs do in Eco trip. Some of the programs still do in regular. So it’s combining of regular and Eco activity.

Eco tours Flores Komodo Island

Not all the programs are doing in Eco tour. But do only a part or several parts. So that travelers see different than regular tour packages. Some of the program do Eco tours only in Flores island. And some other programs do only for Komodo tours. At the same time you come with different activities on the way.

Because it’s special program, we suggest travelers book early. It’s because we need time to arrange. Maybe some place need to contact directly. Yes of course we do as long as no access. Spend our time to go directly to find local community as well.