Flores Komodo Tours

Flores Komodo tours are Flores Komodo tour packages arranged by our travel company to discover Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. Here you will see Komodo dragon, wildlife, nature, culture and so much more.

What is Flores Komodo tours

So Flores Komodo tours is combining of Flores Island tours and travel to Komodo national park. Here we arrange tour starts from east part of Flores Island. But as long as you want make starts from west to east part, so please ask to us.

Flores overland tour and boat trip

So, Flores Komodo tours is combining land driving by car or bus and cross to the islands of Komodo national park by boat trip. So travelers do combine between overland and boat trip. Our boat is classifying from deck class, cabin boat non AC and cabin boat with AC. So clients can ask which kind of boat do you want to take on the tour packages. Deck boat class only use for daily trip start and ending in Labuan Bajo town.

Flight is most importantly for tour Flores Komodo

Here, Flores Komodo tours depart daily because flights are connecting daily from Bali to Flores Island. There are three airport can fly to Flores from or to Bali Island. Maumere town on east part of Flores island serve daily flights from or to Bali Island. Ende town on central of Flores island also connect flight from or Bali but should transit. So, these entry point as long as you starts the tour from east of Flores Island. While, Labuan Bajo town on west part of Flores island is biggest airport so far on the island.


Land transportation using air condition. Except public transportation maybe not use air condition. Tourism transportation is classifying as a specific service beyond public. Cars can get either small, medium or big size. It’s depending how many people will come.


During overland tour, you will get meals on local restaurants that mostly serve Indonesian food. Chinese and European is available also. Food is available also for vegetarian. Special request for meals can do as long as your prefers.


Accommodation is non star hotel each destination except in Labuan Bajo town. But all rooms completely with western toilet, clean and support with hot water. Air condition is not use for accommodation on high land. But hot water is using.

Flores island tours

Flores overland tours will go by soft adventure except for Eco tour package. Since we are offering also Flores Komodo Eco tour packages, so this trip will arrange in specification on our own. Eco tours will bring tourist in different way how to find objects either in Flores or on the islands of Komodo national park. Eco tour need special arrangement and also need your experience.

Private trips

In addition, our services are private trips. So we don’t accept share or collection system. We only serve for private service which is minimum 2 peoples for once departure. Private service is recommend from us because you don’t waste time to share. Also you don’t go with another tourist on tour.

Finally, we welcome for all visitors who want to visit Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. We would to thanks for all clients as long as join with our service in the past year.

We recommend use private tour. Because you get more chance to make schedule or choose program whatever you want. It’s so complicate as long as you do with sharing trip. Maybe we can’t also arrange sharing trip. Not to force you but you know.

Not recommend share trip

Share trip should to wait the schedule. You have to do same program with other peoples. Go with other tourist on the fielding. Using same car or boat on the way. While when you make private tour, so you have your own. At the same time you have own program, car, boat and other components.

Here we want to tell travelers. As long as you want to do by your own but you have problem with budget, so just find other peoples. We also know that it’s expensive if only a person to do the tour. If you find a friend, so make plan together. Make decision then tell us what do you wan to do next.

Tour condition and availability

According to our condition that tour is departs as long as minimum 2 peoples wan to go. It’s not meant that can’t do for one person. But it’s standard offers we do. Also to make price to share, so you get cheaper per person. Maybe you can find other friends so the price go cheapest too.

So far we arrange private tour where all our clients got satisfaction. And also we got great comments to our company. At the same time we get other tourists use our services. Because they get good recommend from other peoples before do with us. We always give the high quality of services, so that we get more tourists.

We hope that you are others tourist use our services. So just tell us. We grow our business with our way who to give something different with the clients.

License Travel Company of Flores Komodo

Why choose us?

Maybe we are not the best but we have high service qualification. Because we are leading travel company on Flores Island since 2010. Quick respond to answer your questions as well. Legality travel company, so you don’t worry. Of course transaction is secure because it has license. Not only online marketing but legal.

So we wait your questions as long as you are interesting with our offers.

Flores Komodo tours Indonesia

As long as any question with our offers here, please to reach us. Emails can find here on side page. See also Eco tour Komodo on this side.

But you have to know that all our management under Komodo Mega Tours. The name is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA as well as legal licensed. So whatever our transaction should go through this company.