Komodo Indonesia Holidays

Komodo Indonesia is the name of Komodo island, Komodo national park and Komodo dragons. First thing to remember is the name because of Komodo dragons. For this reason why name of the island is Komodo. For foreigner probably call Komodo Indonesia.

The only place in the world that can see the Komodo dragon at their natural habitat. Komodo dragons are the biggest reptile in the world that still survival only in Indonesia.

To see Komodo Indonesia is here

It’s living on the some island at Komodo National Park Indonesia. Where Komodo National Park covering more than 30 islands around the area.

Since become a world heritage site, Komodo dragons are protecting include the other biodiversity in the park under the forestry minister authority. So far Komodo Indonesia is save well, not only the park’s zone but also other part of island.

Maybe every body know about Komodo Indonesia, but not details. It’s Komodo dragon where only living at the islands of Komodo national park. Komodo dragons also can find some part at Flores Island. Some island that is occupied by Komodo Indonesia is Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang.

Find their habitat of Komodo Indonesia there

However they are living in their habitat. Hunt to their prey for daily food. Some wild life living together with Komodo dragon. Grow until 2 meters and 150 kilogram in height.

Run well on flat area but difficult to turn. They hunt by camouflage around the savannas. Fifteen to twenty kilograms for once eating. The food survive until two weeks as long as dragon eats more than fifteen kilograms. As the cannibal, sometime they hunt each other. Normally big dragon attack small one.

Breeding and incubation

Breeding with laying eggs under the ground. Laying the eggs after mating season. July and August is mating season every year. One month after mating season, a female will put the eggs under the ground. One or two meters in depth.

During incubation period, female secure the egg. The nest is made by mega pod bird. By different period of laying the eggs, so they use together on different period too. During protection on incubation period, female dragon very danger.

Uniquely baby Komodo dragons

After that, eggs will hatch in eight to nine month in the next year. Baby dragon will go directly to the trees around. Smell of baby dragon is sensitively to the some carnivore birds.

Even more smelled by other big Komodo dragons. Living on the trees during three years. Geckos, insects, eggs and other small animals are the main food for baby dragon.

After hatching period, female leave the baby dragon. Let baby dragon protect their own. Big dragon always attack baby dragon but the problem is big dragon can not to climb the trees.

How to get there

To get the islands of Komodo Indonesia, just go search Komodo tours. There is many travel agencies can find. We are also one of the travel agency. Bases in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. We offer both Flores island trip and Komodo trips from time to time.

Komodo travel agency

Probably interest with our travel services, so you can contact us by email on this page. Maybe you need more details about Komodo dragon tour, our team will doing well for you.

Choose right Komodo travel agency now. Find us here. We have experience coupled with well training. From time to time we are here. We put tours Komodo in the first place of our arrangement.

Tour packages for Komodo Indonesia

Completely, we do with Komodo dragon tour packages. Many options you can choose here. Find package tours Komodo on this side. Programs, routes, tour components, what to include or not are easy to find.

However the programs have designed according to local conditions. Yo can cut, shorter, longer or combine as long as you want. But we always to see weather can do or not.

Labuan Bajo Komodo tours

From time to time Labuan Bajo town is important place for Komodo tours. That is to say Labuan Bajo Komodo tours. From here all tours Komodo to start. From here also all tour boat to get.

This time Labuan Bajo is growing well of tourism supporting. Labuan Bajo now is the center of Flores Komodo tourism. Even for middle of Indonesia. There is not other places you can for tours Komodo Indonesia. You are only go through Labuan Bajo town.

Here is Komodo Indonesia travel agency

Tours Komodo is one of our online travel market since 2014. Manage directly by Komodo Mega Tours. Our office is located in the center of Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island. We are not only work online but also legal travel company.

We have own fleet since 2014. At the same time we have own permanent office. So far we have more than ten staffs. All of team are working both at the office and fielding. Team are professional coupled with well train.

Tour guide

Mostly our tour guide working directly belong to this company. But on high season sometime we hire freelance tour guide. All tour guide has registered and license. They are all under Indonesian tour guide association. Mostly speak English but some of them speaking other languages.

Together with tour guide, we always give high qualification services. Because of best services give us to increase guest from time to time. For this reason why we select best tour guide. In general they are Flores peoples.

Komodo Indonesia holidays

Interesting to see Komodo dragons at Komodo National park Indonesia? Let you to find us now. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. Given for the most part we do for Komodo Indonesia holidays.

Arrange tour Komodo Indonesia is most importantly for us. Because of we are local from there. To start from daily, medium or live aboard. Programs can find on this side.

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