Komodo tour Indonesia

Komodo tour Indonesia is importantly tour arrangement of our travel company. This is our firstly tour organize from all kind of Indonesia tour. Since we set up our company until this time.

Komodo tour Indonesia

However Komodo tour Indonesia will see Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are world reptile from Dinosaur era. This way you will see Komodo dragons on their natural habitat. More than two thousand Komodo dragons are living there.

See other of Komodo tour Indonesia

On Komodo tour Indonesia, you are not only see Komodo dragons but also to see other wild animals, wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Komodo National Park is a world class of diving site. In general you see the beauty of nature, wild life, locals as well as marine life.

Where Komodo dragons are living

Some islands of Komodo national park and some part of Flores island are inhabited by Komodo dragons. Only place on earth you can see Komodo dragons.

Komodo National Park is covering more than thirty islands. Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang are the islands occupied by Komodo dragons as well as wild life.

This time Rinca and Komodo island are mostly visiting by tourists. It’s following by access and priority of the authority. Also because of Komodo dragons are living there.

Activities Komodo tour Indonesia

In general you do trekking or walking along on the land. To see Komodo dragons, wild life as well as some kind of birds. While to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes you do with snorkeling or diving.

Marine life

There is many diving spot or snorkeling site at the islands of Komodo national park. It’s one of the best offers of Komodo tour Indonesia. Because of Komodo National Park is the best place for diving or snorkeling.

We put dive tour packages different from regular tour packages. But some of the tour packages we combine both regular and dive trips. You can do daily dive trip or live aboard.

Not only with dive to see wonderful corals or colorful fishes but also do with snorkeling. On Komodo tour Indonesia you do some snorkeling but depends on the program.

How to get there

Firstly is using flight to Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo is town located in the west part of Flores Island. Flights are connecting daily from some major cities in Indonesia.

Because of Labuan Bajo is only town you can do for Komodo tour Indonesia. No other places to be sure. Except you do with dive trip live aboard. But mostly of them starts from Labuan Bajo town.

To be sure point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. It’s firstly way yo do. Returning flight point to the place where you are going after.

Package Komodo tour Indonesia

Take package tours Komodo as far as want to do trip to Komodo National Park. It makes you easily to choose. Because some of package tours Komodo are publishing here. Program is completely finding in the packages.

Go and choose which kind boat trip. Look at the following classes of boat to clarify. Package tours Komodo starts from daily until live aboard. Or you can choose combine. Stay on boat and stay at hotel. It’s give different from other experience.

Boat trip Komodo tour Indonesia

Secondly is boat trips. It’s very important tour components. Not meant that other tour component not importantly. But boat is only transport you do for Komodo trips.

All boat trip bases in the town of Labuan Bajo. Here is the place you start trip Komodo. No other places you can do. Only start from Labuan Bajo. For this reason why we arrange daily Labuan Bajo Komodo tours.

Classes of the boat trip

However boat has classes you can choose. But important to know that daily trip Komodo is using deck boat. Because you don’t need cabin for Komodo daily trips.

Deck boat trip

Deck boat trip is usually for daily trip. It’s same like speed boat because has not cabins. Long deck to stay. Sometime also use for live aboard. But it is for special trip.

Mostly deck boat is using for daily Komodo trip. That is to say you start in the morning and returning in the afternoon from and to Labuan Bajo town.

If you have good budget, so that speed boat is the best choose. Because you don’t waste time for running along the trips.

Cabin boat

Secondly is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Usually is using maximum four cabins. Not more than that. Thirdly is cabin boat AC with share bathroom. Almost looks like second class but are different from facilities.

Deluxe cabin boat trip

Fourth is cabin boat AC with private bathroom. Its deluxe class we offer on Komodo tour Indonesia. Its limited boat trip. Probably you need time to get this boat trip. To keep our schedule you should to confirm early.

However classes of boat tour Komodo but safety equipment almost same. Doesn’t matter deck or cabin. First thing to remember for tours Komodo dragon is safety equipment. Yes, of course safety first.

Travel agency

Probably you need services from our travel agency. Then we can help for all kind of Komodo tour Indonesia. We are local travel agency from Flores Island. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town.


We suggest travelers or visitors to make early confirmation as long as you need comfortable trips. Especially in high season is coming on July and August. But sometime high season also is coming on Christmas and New Year.

For this reason you need to confirm at least two months prior to arrival. While you confirm one month prior to arrival for normal season.


Usually we ask in IDR or Indonesian currency. Because of our bank account is IDR. You can transfer with USD, Euro and other currency. It’s convert to Rupiah when arrives at our bank’s account.

We use company’s bank account due to our legality of travel company. We don’t use personal account. Except you make special requirement. We accept personal account of the owner of travel company.

Komodo tour Indonesia

As long as you are interesting Komodo tour Indonesia, then we can arrange. We grab all kind of Komodo tour Indonesia. Also we always combine with Flores island tour. But it is depending on your plans.

Flores Komodo tour is our firstly tour handling of package tours Indonesia. Hope you do Komodo tour with our services here. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you.

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