Labuan Bajo Komodo Tour

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour is Komodo tours starts from Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island. It’s not only Komodo tours but also tour around Flores Island. Here is the center of Flores Komodo tourism. Even the center of tourism of east Indonesia.

Why Labuan Bajo Komodo tour?

It’s because of there is not other places to start for Komodo tour. Right or not but it’s reality so far. Visitors can’t go directly to Komodo National Park from other places without Labuan Bajo town.

From here all tour boat to start for Komodo tour. Our services always start from airport of Labuan Bajo. And then will be ending also at the airport of Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo tour is most importantly activity here. visit around the town or out side of the town.

West Flores Island Indonesia

West Flores island is most importantly place to visit Komodo National Park. Beyond Komodo tour here there are many tourist attractions on west Flores Island. From Labuan Bajo town needed only one day to get one or more tourist objects.

For this reason why we offers also daily trip for west Flores Island. To start from Labuan Bajo town. Some waterfall can find on some places nearby Labuan Bajo. Also many other tourist attractions can find there.

What is Labuan Bajo Komodo tour

Labuan Bajo is capital of west Manggarai regency. Located in western part of Flores Island. Here is the starting place for all trip Komodo national park.

Tourism facilities are growing as well in Labuan Bajo town. The tourism facilities are considering to carrying capacity. For example; airport, star hotel, restaurant, souvenir shop and other supporting facilities.

Boat trip for Komodo tour

Boat is firstly tour component for all Komodo tours. Whatever for this reason, boat trip is very important. Tour boat can in the center of Labuan Bajo harbor.

Not so difficult to get tour boat as long as you make early booking. But if you do when you are in the town, it’s not guarantee. So that you have wait for free schedule.

Classes of boat on Komodo tour

Deck class is the boat without cabin or room. While cabin boat is supporting with room or cabin. Cabin boat also has different class. To begin with cabin fan or AC but share bathroom. Deluxe boat trip is cabin boat AC with private bathroom.

Important to remember that, deck class is always use for daily trip. While cabin boat is using for live aboard. Above all, can choose by visitors as long as start to book the trip.

Flight to and from Labuan Bajo

This time, Labuan Bajo town has flight connecting from some cities in Indonesia. Even there is more than one flight a day from some major cities.

Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Lombok and Makasar are cities as well as connect to Labuan Bajo. For this reason we arrange daily Labuan Bajo Komodo tour.

Labuan Bajo tour

There is many interesting places can visit around Labuan Bajo town. For the most part of tourist objects are easily to reach by local transport. You get easy to get local transport. As long as you are not with travel agency, then you can rent car or motorcycle.

Only motorcycle you can drive your own. While car should be using local driver. We don’t permit for visitors to drive a car. It’s because of our topography not flat.

Windy and steep are challenge for the most part of the land. Regarding to bad risk, why we don’t permit to drive by visitors. Not only for foreign but also domestic visitors. Flores topography is different from other islands.

Places to Visit on Labuan Bajo tour

Visit local market to see local peoples are selling and buying their products. To begin with visiting Batu Cermin cave to see stalactites and stalagmites. Also dried corals fossils. Next is Gua Rangko or Rangko cave. This is unique cave on side of sea. Cross by boat to get there. Only small boat can reach near the cave.

The above tourist attractions can combine with snorkeling trip nearby Labuan Bajo town. There are many islands can reach from Labuan Bajo only take less or more than one hour. For example; the island of Kanawa, Bidadari, Sabolo, Seraya and small islands.

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour packages

Maybe you confuse how to go for Komodo tours. Here we have published Komodo tour packages. You can choose according to your plans. We have various programs of Komodo tour packages.

Probably you want to do a tour Komodo Flores Island, then so check Flores Komodo tour packages here. Not all the program we publish here, but whenever send email us.

Where to book Labuan Bajo Komodo tour

Because of local travel agency, we are always arrange Komodo tour. Arrange both with daily departure or live aboard. We are Flores leading tour operator Indonesia. Together with Komodo tour, we arrange combine with tour Flores Island.

We are not only working online but also as legal travel company. We explain you here to know more about us. Because of many online market now without license. Especially for any kind of tour to Komodo. See also Komodo Eco tour on this side.

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour with us

As long as you are interesting with our offers, please let us to know. We offers Labuan Bajo Komodo tour from time to time. Because we are from here. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town.

So far we have own fleet. Tour boat and cars are supporting our field operation up to the present time. We have permanent office since 2014. Our team now more than ten peoples are working. Not to include freelance tour guide.