Package Tours Komodo

Package tours Komodo dragon

Package tours Komodo dragon is the collection of Komodo tour packages to organize all kind of tours to Komodo national park in Indonesia. Furthermore that package tours Komodo dragon of course to see Komodo dragon, wildlife, wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes. So travelers will do trekking or hiking, walking, swimming, sun bathing and snorkeling or diving.

We arrange all kind of Komodo tours either starts from Bali Island or Jakarta city. Because flight is serving more than 4 flights a day between Bali and Labuan Bajo town on west Flores Island. While Jakarta city to Labuan Bajo town is serving directly flight but only one flight every day. Due to make well connection for Komodo tours, so we recommend use two place above as your starting point.

Although tours Komodo mostly starts from Bali or Jakarta city but you can do also from another place. You can starts also from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Sulawesi or another place. However if you starts beyond Bali and Jakarta city, so your flight should transit in Bali before fly to Flores Island as consequently.

Package tours Komodo dragon is one most tourism icon in Indonesia to visit the islands of Komodo national park. Here is the sites where travelers can see Komodo dragon and wild life in their pure environment. Beyond Komodo dragons, you also enjoy marine life which is one of world class of diving spot. Wonder of corals and colorful of fishes can find every island as long as you do snorkeling or diving.

Here you can’t find the price of our tour packages because some tour component can change any time without prior notice. And also because it’s our privacy and policy. But don’t worry because you will get the price as long as you make an inquiry. Since you make a request so we will send complete information. Then you can make consider according to our information.

Boat is important component for all tours to the islands of Komodo national park. Boat trip is available from deck class, cabin non air condition or cabin with air condition. You can choose which class do you want to take. Cabin with AC normally start from 2 cabins to 6 cabins or equivalent 4 to 12 passengers for a boat. While cabin non AC maximum 6 passengers for once time departure. Cabin boat with air condition is limit, so need early confirmation especially on high season. Deck boat is use only for daily trip starts and ending in Labuan Bajo town.

Tours Komodo depart daily is serving with private tour package as long as 2 peoples for one departure. Here we don’t charge round trip ticket, because cost of flight can change any time. As long as you want to do with flight ticket, we also can do as well. But we charge you according to the cost when we issue the ticket. Then put it together on package.

How to book our tour packages here?

Firstly you find our programs here. Then you choose which tour package you want to take. So send an email to our team to get complete information. You will get the answering as soon as we get your inquiry. As long as you agree with our respond, so you make a consider to choose or not. Or maybe you want to ask another tour packages. We always respond you as long as our working time.

In addition that sometime we cancel the trip as long as travelers make very late confirmation. Because we need time to make schedule of our boat. Especially on high season is happening because we have traffic visitors on our region. So we suggest to the travelers to make early confirmation as long as you are interesting with our offers. The problem is limit boat in Labuan Bajo town either deck class or cabin boat.

Finally any questions about package tours Komodo dragon here, please ask our staffs. We give appreciations to the travelers as long as make clear information before make deal with our offers. We would you don’t misunderstanding with us since begin until the end of tour.

Office open: 08.00 AM closed 18.00 PM

Open Monday to Saturday. Sunday is holidays

As long as you make an inquiry on Sunday, so we will give a respond on next day.

Package Tours Komodo Dragon

As long as our program can’t meet your plan, so you ask to change, combine, shorten or lengthen. Any change of the programs will influence to the tour costs as consequently. But you have to know that our programs design according to local condition as well.

In case flight changing or delay, maybe caused to the itineraries or loss the program. But any change of itineraries not implicate to change of tour cost. Because flight is not our responsibility. Of course our solution is giving you benefit.

In conclusion that all our offers not to make you in trouble as long as you follow our suggestion. Because our goal is to make travelers in satisfaction. We want to do not only a short time but for future business. Hope our offers will give you the best holidays.

Package tours Komodo dragon

Because package tours Komodo dragon is top tourism in Indonesia, so we suggest travelers to make early booking. Here is the place where tourists always visit along the year. At the same time we have not enough boat to cover. So that you should keep it with make early confirmation.

And also you have time to choose which facilities are going to use. You are also have enough time to communicate with our team before make a deal.