Premium Tour Komodo Island Indonesia Next Plan

Here is new plan of Indonesian government for premium tour Komodo in next future. It’s going to declare as soon as. But we wait until the time for recognition. According to the Indonesian government that since 2020, Komodo island become premium tour. It’s means that everything will be changing to include entrances. Maybe not relevant for visitors but the plans are running since October 2019.

However premium tour Komodo island is influencing to tourist visit. Of course it come direct impacts in next time. Following premium tour Komodo is impact to the entrances.

Most importantly to secure everything on premium tour Komodo

To start from management and also other following will be changing. Not only entrance is going up but also management system. To include limiting visit for visitors. Since Komodo island is the center of Komodo tourism from time to time. So that many peoples know about Komodo island.

On other hand this policy is good. It’s to secure Komodo dragons, wild life and management system. There is a question now. Which one is most importantly?. To secure animals and nature or tourist visit?. Probably the answer is dilemma. But government to think most importantly to secure nature and wild life there.

Limiting visit and entrance up to $1000 for once visiting

Recently government stated that visitors will pay more or less $1000 for once time per person. Imagine how visitors can pay for kind of this entrance for only one visiting? Coupled with limiting visiting per day.

That is to say closing tourist visit to the island of Komodo. Premium tour Komodo is giving negative impact for Komodo tourism. Negative impact is not only for Komodo tourism but also tourism Indonesia.

Luckily, premium tour Komodo is only for Komodo island

Indeed, not all islands become premium tourism. Because of premium tour Komodo is only focus to Komodo island. So that visitors have chance to see Komodo dragons at other islands. Komodo dragons are not different from Komodo island.

Wherever islands inhabited by Komodo dragons then Komodo is same. Both size and characteristic. Although is bad impact of premium tour Komodo but tourists have other chance to see Komodo dragons.

Together with Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island

Several islands of Komodo national park inhabited by Komodo dragons. First is Komodo Island. This is biggest island of Komodo national park. And this island will become premium tour Komodo.

But the island of Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang are most importantly for Komodo dragons. Because of more than 1,000 Komodo dragons are living there. On Rinca island there are more than 1,000 Komodo dragons. And the rest is living at Gili Motang and Nusa Kode. Both Gili Motang and Nusa Kode there are more than 250 Komodo dragons living there.

Living also several places in Flores Island

Komodo dragons are not only living at the islands of Komodo national park but also several places in Flores Island. But Komodo dragons in Flores island mostly different size with the islands of Komodo national park. But whatever the privacy of government, maybe Flores island become another chance to see Komodo dragons.

Some places are in nature preserve. But some place also not in nature preserve. The problem this time is difficult to see Komodo dragons there. And also need time to see. See also tour Flores Island for furthermore information.

What is the solution as far as premium tour Komodo applies

As far as only Komodo island become premium tourism, then it’s not problem for visitors. Because of Komodo dragons are not only living at Komodo island but also at Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island. So that visitors see Komodo dragons on those islands.

How to get there

It’s easy to get Rinca island. Only take one hour by tour boat from Labuan Bajo town. Rinca island is near from Labuan Bajo. While Komodo island is far from Labuan Bajo. For this reason why Komodo island tours are only for visitors who have enough time. Usually need more than three hours to get there by tour boat.

In general tour Komodo, we put Rinca island in the first place for all kind of Komodo tours. Because of Komodo dragons always give guarantee to see there. This is according to our experience.

Can we get normal cost in premium tour Komodo?

Of course you can get normal cost. Because premium tour Komodo applies only for Komodo island. So that Rinca island not to include premium tour Komodo. Then because of it you get normal cost. The answer is Komodo tour Indonesia must be remembered still same cost.

Rinca is second biggest island of Komodo national park. Here is living more than 1,000 Komodo. At the same time Komodo dragons here are easy to see. There are many ranger post to see Komodo dragon. For this reason why Rinca island is important.

Where is other islands

As long as you have time then visit Nusa Kode and Gili Motang Island. Those islands are located in south and east of Rinca Island. Usually we do in Eco tour Komodo. Combine with Rinca island. This is for special interest tour.

Indeed, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island is far from Labuan Bajo town. Need more than four to five hours to get there. Combine with Rinca island in order to get close. We always do that from time time.

Can we get program now?

For this time is not validated for premium tour Komodo. As far as premium tour Komodo is applies, then we make new program. It’s means that programs not to visit Komodo island. That is to say Komodo tours without Komodo island. Also not to include Pink beach. Because of Pink beach is located on Komodo island.

Package tours Komodo but not to include premium tour Komodo

Next time we make program for Komodo tours not to include Komodo island. Because of Komodo island to include premium tour Komodo. Maybe we do two places to see Komodo dragons at Rinca Island. And it’s not so far. And also close each other. To begin with Rinca island tour then next is other islands. But however we still put the name is Komodo tours.

Which places to see Komodo dragons at Rinca island on next time

First is Loh Buaya. Loh Buaya is second importantly office of Komodo National Park. Here is the center of Rinca island tours. Here also the place to see Komodo dragons. You are not only see Komodo dragons there but also wild life. As long as you are lucky you see also some kind of birds.

Second is Rinca village or Loh Baru. Rinca village is most importantly places to see Komodo dragons. While Loh Baru is using for special interest tour. That is to say Eco tours Komodo. From time to time we arrange Rinca village for tours Komodo. Because of you see more attractions there.

Komodo travel agency

Choose right travel company now. We are here for you. For you to see Komodo dragons. Because we are locals here. We know as far as something change. For example; premium tour Komodo next program. Then here we tell you. So that you know before visiting. Important to realize that we are legal.

Any questions for Komodo tours? For this reason why we are here. We always to help you. From time to time we arrange tour Komodo. Hope you find us now.

Premium tour Komodo

Don’t worry because of premium tour Komodo. Because you have chance here. We give the best solution this time. Best solution from time to time. We give solution is not only this time but also next time.

Premium tour Komodo is only for Komodo Island. You have Rinca island. Also you have Nusa Kode. Then you also visit Gili Motang. Dragons are living there. Not different from Komodo island. At same time you do. Yes of course. Thanks for last visitors. And we welcome you now. Or we welcome you next time.

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