Tour Condition and term

Tour condition and term are how to make reservation as long as you go with our travel company. It’s importantly to know. We clarify in general term below. Then you know since communication together with payment process. Here you have to know that all kind of process go through PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA.

Above all, please read carefully about tour condition and in general term below. Because it is very important for you before do tour with us.

Tour condition

However, it is not all agreement but maybe some part. Because we understand the unbelievable situation . As long as we get the great solution, so everything all right. We of course make you happy, so we have own experience. Of course we do everything as long as relevant for this tour.

In general, main point do with our tour. Firstly is communication. Correspondingly is to make clear. It’s importantly both for you and our team.

Secondly is confirmation whether you go or not with tour our service. Thirdly is invoice we send you for first payment. Fourth is bank check to know your transfer accept or not. As long as arrives at our bank, then we send new invoice. Lastly is last payment and final confirmations.

Transportation on tour

Some area we use boat trip. Especially Komodo tour and Riung 17 islands. There is other place but not our focusing. Boat is only transportation to use above destination. Look at options of our class of boat.

While along tour Flores island, you do with overland. We use AC cars both for individuals or group.

Accommodations on tour

First thing to remember is hotel. We use best selected hotel each destination. Except you ask differently. Along Flores island there is not start hotel so far. The only Labuan Bajo is service with star hotels.

Although there is not star hotel along Flores island, but facilities are good standard for visitors until this time. For this reason why Flores island tours are called soft adventure.


Usually is not to include in our services. But if you ask our team to include, then we do. There is three airports along Flores Island. As long as you start from east then so point your flight to Maumere or Ende town. While if you start from west then point your flight to Labuan Bajo town.

Meals on tour

Meals is adjusted to local conditions. Probably you have special diet. Then tell us on correspondingly. It’s importantly we know prior to arrival. Not only diet but also special food.

Tour guide

Since you use our services, we use legal tour guide. Of course they are from legal organization. Some of them also are working directly with our company.  On high season we hire freelance tour guide. They are member of Indonesian tour guide.

Our team

So far, we have 12 peoples are working both on the office and fielding. We have own fleet. Our fleet to support our operations. We are all working for Flores Komodo travel since start until now.

General Term


All your request should make to our official emails: or 

As far as we use only the above email for all our online marketing. It’s because we want our team easy to control all incoming emails. Komodo Mega Tours is a leading overseas travel market as well.


Accounting will send you an invoice as long as you make deal with our tour package. An invoice is completely with tour contracts, program, price and service to include or not include.

On first invoice, we will send you our company’s bank account that serve only with wire transfer. We can also use personal account but should under your agreement. We use our directory of company as long as you need personal account.


Our staffs will send you a final invoice if your transfer arrives at our company’s bank account. Maybe we inform you first to confirm that your money already at our account. Or we send together after we book all tour component as per tour programs.

Final invoice is final confirmation to you about our booking for all tour components. It’s follow up all the tour components that you are going to use on holidays.

You should bring the final invoice as your receipt and all our tour contract there in. Final invoice will your holding to claim our service during the tour is running according to the contracts.


Deposit 60% of total tour cost per person since you make deal with our tour package. Your deposit of course we cover the reservations along our contracts.


While, 40% of rest of payment can pay on arrival date but only for all tours to the islands of Komodo national park and Flores Island.

We do not accept payment on arrival date as long as you take our tour package beyond Flores and Komodo national park. So your rest payment 40% of tour cost should be paid at least 1 week before your arrival.


Because of legal travel company we use company’s bank account so far. Bank account of our company is using BNI BANK branch office of Ende – Labuan Bajo.

Our name of bank account is: PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. Company’s bank account we use is to control  by our government to claim either duty tax or ather interests.


We do not give refund for all your deposit as long as make cancellation after payment. All your deposit is using by our company to cover all tour component on our reservations. All your deposit will loose if make cancel.

TRAVEL INSURANCE not our tour service

Our entire trip price does not to include your personal insurance or travel insurance. The entire insurance be your own responsibility unless for aviation and rail. Not to include in our tour services.


Tour costs and what to include and not include will fit since the beginning of communication and as a summary of the final approval of the contract will include in an invoice that are held by the client and the company. No refunds will be given for unused services.


It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the relevant travel documents – passports, visas, work permits, health certificates and others.


If as a consequence of “Force Majeure” (as defined below), the company is obliged to: restrict, alter, extend or cancel the tour.

For that customers will not be able to maintain a claim for compensation or for damages arising as a consequence of a reduction, alteration, extension or cancellation of the tour. Please note and read it carefully, so there is no problem in your way when things like this happen.

“Force Majeur” means Acts of God, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire or other destruction of any vessel.

Further more are sudden breakdown of the vehicle or engine ships, destruction or damage to the accommodation, riots, acts of war. Civil commotion, exercise of legislative or action governments, municipal authorities or the military or other.

Strikes, industrial action, request equipment, mechanical breakdown. Shortage of fuel, insolvency or failure of any carrier or service connect to the tour, fraud committed against other companies and other events beyond our expectations .

Above all accidents are happening that are beyond our control, then we will not refund your money or even extra payment for you.

Responsibilities And Duties on tour


We reserves the right to offer a refund or exchange in terms of accommodation, food, travel, transportation or other services included in the tour prices but not utilized by the tour members.

We will release from all liabilities arising from acts of terrorism, piracy, civil unrest, natural disasters, labor strikes, theft or other factors.


Our team can modify or change the program in nature emergency. Such as; weather or other local conditions. In the event of cancellation due to uncontrollable circumstances (such as weather, transportation strikes, political unrest, war, etc.). The client shall bear the costs incurred during the processing of the trip.


Our tour company and agent partners are not responsible for any injury, illness, damage, accident, loss, delay, death or irregularities. Clients must understand all of the risks inherent overseas travel, trekking and touring.

Additional costs is incurring due to delays or postponement, accidents, inclement weather, political restrictions or other causes must cover by the passenger.
Travelers as far as use the services of the PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA must have their own travel insurance because our price does not include any insurance.

Tour condition

Flight or train schedules and local tour conditions may affect accommodation and itineraries. As long as this is happening, then so the PT. Komodo Mega Wisata will attempt to override settings that match the same value.  But not refund your money or give compensation.