Tours Komodo Dragon

Tours Komodo dragon is the world largest reptile exploration to see Komodo dragons Indonesia. Komodo dragon Indonesia is one of the world tourism icon. Komodo dragon living on the islands of Komodo national park. Its located west part of Flores or east part of Bali Island.

About Komodo tours Komodo dragon

Tours Komodo dragon is the islands where Komodo dragons are living at Komodo national park. They are living on their natural habitat. Wild animals as their preys also living together with them. Komodo dragons are cannibal where they can eat each other. They hunt wild animals for food on their natural habitats. Buffaloes, horses, deer, wild board, monkey, snake also some kind of bird become a main prey of Komodo dragons.

Breeding Komodo dragon

Dragon of Komodo breeds with their egg from the female. Eggs will put under the ground one time a year. Normally happen on August or September. Mating season occur on June, July or August. Eggs will process in natural under the ground. During this time female very danger for peoples because she is brave

Egg Komodo dragon

Natural process of hatching need one month. While female only protect on their nest during incubation period. A female Komodo dragon can get 20 eggs. They hatch maybe less than the total of eggs. It is depending of situation during incubation period.

Baby Komodo dragon

Baby dragons leaving on the trees after hatch without female then living. During at the time, baby dragon will protect their self from big Komodo dragons and some carnivore birds. To protect their self, baby dragon mostly spend their time on the trees. Baby dragon will hunt their food during on the trees. Their main food is gecko, lizards, insects or other small animals.

Mating season

One of most interesting attraction is coming on mating season. During this period, travelers see between of male fight each other to get female. On fighting attraction some time they kill each other on the mating season. It is great time for photographer can get amazing pictures. But all Komodo dragon during mating season hidden on savannas or monsoon forest. So this one of time where visitors difficult to see them. Its reason why visitors need longer time to get great pictures on mating season.

Islands of Komodo dragon

The island of; Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and Flores are the home of Komodo dragon. They are living on their natural habitats and on their territory. As the cannibals, so they really strong in individual life. Individual hunting for their food become as their daily life. They grab food only after wild animals die.

Komodo is the biggest island of Komodo national park following of Rinca, Nusa Kode, Padar, Gili Motang. They are all in all the islands of Komodo Dragon. For this reason we arrange Komodo Dragon tours.


However, Komodo dragon can reach 2 meters in length and 150 kilograms in height. A big one can eat 2 kilograms of meat. It will protect a dragon for 2 weeks of their food. After eat meat normally they dry their self in the morning on the savannas process their stomach.


According to our experience that Komodo dragon can run 20 kilometers per hour. Its on flat area only. But very difficult to turn their self during they are running. Hunting time is good opportunity to see Komodo dragon running on savannas. The age of Komodo dragon can be 60 years old or more.

Danger animal

Komodo dragon is danger animals. They are not only kill their preys but also by bacteria injection. They can kill wild animals with their bacteria after beaten. Only need few days to kill wild animals by their bacteria. As a result that bacteria will infect on the body of animals.

Komodo dragon is good detector by their smelling. Two kilometers or longer, Komodo dragon can smell their prey. Sensitive smell is blood. That reason why beaten animal not save after spread out the blood because Komodo dragon can smell it so strong.

Tour Komodo

In addition that Tours Komodo dragon is window for tours to Komodo national park. The tour will go with boat trip from Labuan Bajo town. Tours Komodo dragon can do every day starts from Bali island through Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo town is the only place you do trip to Komodo. Since Labuan Bajo become a gate way to visit the park. Maybe can do from other place but difficult to organize.

Further information

To get more further information tours to Komodo national park, so visitors can contact us any time. We are a leading travel company of Flores Island.


Finally, visitors should carefully to choose the right Travel Company. Visitors need details of legality of Travel Company. It’s to secure during holidays to region. We hope that our travel service can meet your dream travel to Komodo national park. Here is time to see Komodo Indonesia.

Tours Komodo Dragon

Here we invite travelers to find the island of Komodo dragon as well. Here also we would to bring you to Komodo national park. So that you will find real of Komodo dragon. Of course you see on pure environment.

Some major island such as; Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang can see dragon of Komodo. Other islands can do for snorkeling or diving as well. Maybe not discover all but it’s depending how long you do here.

Welcome to the Komodo dragon’s island. Hope find what you dream. We are here to serve you.

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