Trip Komodo National Park

Trip Komodo is all travel information to visit the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. All trips Komodo National Park from time to time. All tour Komodo starts from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island.

To begin with daily trip Komodo to live aboard. We grab all in all Komodo tour. We arrange both on the islands and marine life. Komodo national park is a world tourist destination this time.

Trip Komodo

For this purpose we present here. To arrange all in all tour to Komodo national park. We put trip Komodo in the first place of our tour arrangements. It’s because of we are local agent from this region. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town.

Natural habitat

Komodo national Park is the only place on the earth where Komodo dragons are living. They are living in their natural habitat. Komodo dragon is first goal of Komodo trip. Although Komodo dragons are also living some part in Flores island, but the size is differently. And also rarely to visit by tourists up to the present time.

Komodo National Park situated in west part of Flores or east part of Sumba island. Administratively is a part of Komodo district, west Manggarai regency in East Nusa Tenggara province.

It’s a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1991. And then become the new Seven natural wonder of the world since 2013. It’s because of Komodo dragons, wild life, nature and marine life. For this reason why Komodo trip is a world tourist destination.

Islands of Komodo dragons

Komodo National Park is covering more than thirty islands. Where Komodo is the biggest island. Not all the islands are occupying by Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are living on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang.

Wild animal on trip Komodo

Not only Komodo dragons are living there, but also other wild life. Such as; buffaloes, deer, monkey, horses and wild boar. Wild life is living together with Komodo dragons on the island.

The wild animals above are the main food for Komodo dragons. Because Komodo dragons can’t survive without wild animals. Hunting is important way by Komodo dragon to get food.

Marine life

Not only on the islands show the attractions, but also marine life. Komodo National Park is one of the world class dive site. Mostly every island has corals and fishes.

A lot of dive spot can find around the islands. Not only dive site but also snorkeling site find everywhere. You will find wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.


All the islands of Komodo national park covering with monsoon forest and savannas. On some islands can find mangrove trees growing along coastal line.

It’s driest area in Indonesia. The rain is only come on December, January and February. But it’s suitable for Komodo dragons and wild animal to live from time to time.

Tour activities on trip Komodo

To see Komodo dragons, wild animals and other reptiles need to trek or walking. Trekking or walking can do in public trails or make a special.

Public trail is using for regular trip. While special trekking or walking is going different activities discover Komodo dragons and wild life. Usually we do with Eco trip.

Diving or snorkeling activities as long as you want to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. But diving trip Komodo is arranged in particular. While snorkeling can do on regular trip.

Trip availability

Trip Komodo National Park can do along the year. But it’s not all the part or not activities. During wet season on January and February, we don’t operate trip to Komodo island. Not only regular trip but also diving.

Sometimes, we do as long as the weather is permitted. Because the climate sometimes change beyond our control. So we always give information since we get requests.

Rinca and Komodo island

As long as the weather is not permit to go, so Rinca island is best way to see Komodo dragons. As far as we arrange, Rinca island always give guarantee to see Komodo dragon from time to time.

Rinca is the second biggest island on Komodo national park. More than thousand Komodo dragons are living here. Here is better place to see Komodo dragons than Komodo island. It’s according to our experience as locals here.

Boat trip Komodo National park

Boat is importantly for trip Komodo. No other choice. So, boat is first thing to remember to arrange trips to the islands of Komodo national park.

There is not public transport to connect up to the present time. So that, you use only private boat trip. Boat is the only transport to make Komodo trips so far. That is to say boat is first component for tours Komodo.

Classes of boat trip Komodo

At the present time, there is some class of boat trips. Firstly is cabin boat fan or AC with share bathroom. Secondly is cabin boat AC with private bathroom and toilet. And the lastly is deck boat or speed boat.

All kind of cabin boat usually use for staying on the boat. While deck or speed boat is using for daily trips. But deck boat and speed boat is differently cost.

To get in detail of tour boat or classes of the boat, to be sure you will get whenever you make a requests. We will give information at all in all.

Starting point

Labuan Bajo is the town on western part of Flores Island. Here is the gateway to Komodo national park and Flores island.

All trip Komodo will use Labuan Bajo town as starting place. From time to time, Labuan Bajo town used by visitors to do Komodo trip. Because there is not other places to begin with tour boat. The only place to do is Labuan Bajo.

Find in the center of Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo also, is bases of the boat trips. The only place where you find boat. So, we arrange trip Komodo from Labuan Bajo with daily departure. For this reason, we ask to all travelers to point your flight to Labuan Bajo.

Wherever you starts the flight. Labuan Bajo town is connecting as well as with flight from some major cities in Indonesia. You can confirm or purchase from where you are staying.

Flight to include in our service or not

As long as you want us to include the flight, so that we are happy to arrange. But if you prefer to arrange by your own, so we don’t mind. To know in detail of the programs, routes and duration then so just visit our package tours Komodo here.

Finally, we put Trips Komodo in the first place of all Indonesia tour packages. Together with Flores island trips, we grab all in all tour Komodo.

Trip Komodo

As long as you want to make Komodo trip, so find our Komodo tour packages here. Komodo tour packages is our main arrangement of Indonesia tour packages. We are here to help you. Look in detail here profile tours Komodo. For this reason why we are here.